My Philosophy:  A client well informed is a client well served.

Attorney James J. Leo

My Philosophy

Law suits can be intimidating processes and legal issues are often complex.    Knowing your options in dealing with a suit can go a long way to reduce anxiety.  That’s why I will take as much time as my clients may need to understand such things.  

I am honest and direct with my clients.  I believe that, in the long run, that approach serves everyone best.
I believe that a client well informed is a client well served!


I offer affordable and professional service for
  • employment law cases, 
  • administrative law cases (involving licensed professionals), and 
  • business litigation and transaction work (drafting contracts and other documents).
If you are facing a situation that might require legal assistance, please review this site and then contact me for a free initial consultation at 330-321-4305.

About Me

I have been practicing law for 23 years.  Much of that time was spent working as an assistant attorney general for the State of Ohio.  In 2008, I used that knowledge to start my own law practice.  Since then, I have helped numerous people keep their jobs and earn back pay in employment cases.  I have helped multiple professionals (doctors, nurses, accountants, and others) protect their licenses.  And I have assisted small businesses in drafting contracts and in pursuing their rights in court.  

I am a member of the Ohio Bar Association, and an O.S.B.A. certified specialist in administrative law.  I am licensed to practice law in all Ohio Courts and in the federal courts of the northern and southern districts of Ohio.

I have appeared and won cases in front of multiple state agencies, common pleas courts, appellate courts, and the Ohio Supreme Court.

Note:  Information provided herein is for general purposes and is not intended to offer guidance concerning a particular legal situation or a legal outcome.  Reviewing this site and/or contacting Attorney Leo does not create an attorney/client relationship.  Such a relationship will be created upon written agreement only.