The most critical aspect of any lawsuit is understanding and keeping focused on the ultimate objective the client is seeking.  For businesses, this means considering the overall implications of litigation for both the short and long term.  It also involves exploring all options to resolve disputes, including finding common ground for possible settlement.  This can save the business both time and expense associated with protracted litigation.  Sometimes, settlement is not an option, and the only course is to move forward with a lawsuit in a prudent and diligent manner.  I have experience litigating and settling business disputes and I am prepared to give an honest and accurate assessment about any lawsuit involving your business.

Transactions (Drafting Contracts, Leases, and Other Binding Documents)

Where litigation can be avoided, it should be avoided.  The best approach for businesses to avoid litigation is to have well drafted documents that clearly set forth expectations.  I can assist your business by drafting contracts, leases, and other documents to keep matters running smoothly.


Fees for business cases are generally based on a very reasonable hourly rate.  Depending on the circumstances, fees may be contingency based (your business pays only if it receives a favorable outcome).  Initial consultations are free.  Call today at 330-321-4305.

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